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"Step Daughter Pees Onto Her Diaper"
Includes peeing onto a diaper, spanking and restrained with manacles in a cot

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Full length movie 56 minutes playing time
Featuring Lillian and new Step Mommy Sophia

Lillian is guiltily stuffing sheets into the washing machine. She is crying. What have I done? This is so embarrassing. I am a grown woman.

She bemoans she has wet her bed and that she hasn't done anything like this since she was very a baby.

Her step mother hears her crying and comes into the laundry. After much insistence Lillian finally lets on what has happened.

Sophia asks has this happened before and Lillian says no of course not and it won't happen again. Sophia gives a condescending look and pats her on the shoulder "No of course not dear I am sure this is a one off. Now let's get these sheets in the wash and put new sheets on your bed. But we need to put a waterproof underlay on first because I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing thing." Lillian protests "Of course not I am an adult and adults don't wet the bed".

Then Sophia tells her step daughter she had better get ready for work but she should wear these just in case. What is that Lillian asks? Sophia comes back with incontinence briefs.

Her step mommy insists on watching Lillian get into her work clothes and making sure she is wearing the padded briefs. Lillian is flustered and embarrassed.

Lillian comes home from work is sobbing again having soaked the padded briefs during the day. Sophia comes in armed with disposable diapers, wipes and powder. She gently and lovingly explains to Lillian that she's going to have to wear wear diapers now because she just cannot hold in her pee. Again Lillian protest but she is no match for her step mother as Sophia diapers her step daughter.

Later Sophia discovers Lillian's new disposable is soaked. She says to Lillian you cannot go on like this because you are now behaving like a baby. Close your eyes and come with me I have something very special for you and she leads Lillian into an adult sized nursery.

Lillian a standard shocked and stunned. Where is she? Sophia explains about the room at the back of the house that she always keeps locked.

She proceeds to put a new diaper on Lillian. Wipes her private's clean, much to Lillian's humiliation, then slides a new disposable diaper under her bottom.

Lillian says she does not need to be diapered then the worst possible thing happens. She cannot hold in her wees any longer and PISSES ONTO THE FRESH DIAPER right in front of her step mommy

That settles it. Lillian is going to remain an adult baby for the rest of her life.

Her step mommy breast feeds her then feeds her mushy pureed fruit in a big high chair.

She puts Lillian in footed pyjamas ready for her cot for the night. Lillian makes the mistake of struggling and gets a SOLID OTK SPANKING on her bare bottom for her troubles.

Seeing how Lillian may try to run away overnight, her step mommy STRAPS MANACLES ON HER WRIST AND RESTRAINS HER IN THE COT. Lillian struggles then nods off fitfully.

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